A web solution for independent font foundries

FoundryCore is a specific web development service for type foundries. It aims to help them to take their work online by building tailored websites by using digital fonts specific knowledge and tools developed after years of working with type on the web.

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  • 1. Easy content managment
    Thanks to a site specific admin panel, manage your content and publish new fonts by yourself without the need of a developer. Set up complex font pages with font testers and family info quickly and easily by taking advantage of automatic page building and external sources of information.
    2. Frontend agnostic
    FoundryCore is not a template or a fixed thing. Build the website you want according to your brand style and font catalog needs. It is conceived as a set of tools and functions that perform the heavy work free of stylistic decisions.
    3. Full e-commerce experience
    Offer your fonts in the way your foundry and business model needs, take payments from major gateways like PayPal and Stripe, and give your customers a smooth buying experience through email notifications and a customer area where you can review past orders, download fonts and more.
    4. Made to last
    Typical font foundry sites needs to change and adapt after some time, so of either you want to make aesthetic changes or scale your site by adding new functions, you don’t need to start all over.
    5. For all sizes
    Either you are a solo designer who wants a portfolio and to start selling fonts on the web, or you are a well-established foundry with a big catalog. FoundryCore can fit your current needs and scales to help your business grow.
    6. Hassle free
    FoundryCore is built on top of modern flat file CMS technology. This means no struggling with obfuscated databases and allows simple backup and deployment. FoundryCore is a professional service therefore there are no hidden costs or subscriptions fees, you own your site and you only pay for what you need.

    If you are interested and want to know more, contact me for inquiries and to see a working demo.

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